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Who’s the Me in MyKugelhopf? - That would be me, Kerrin Rousset. As a food and travel writer, I combine my two greatest passions in life, always ready for the next adventure or new culinary discovery. I’m the girl with the unquenchable sweet tooth, photographing a new dessert, tweeting about my chocolatey midnight snacks, running along Zürich Lake or off to the market, and going on and on about Zürich, this city with which I have fallen madly in love. Best of all, my “Sweet Zürich” tours allow me to share with you my favorite – and the very best – sweet spots in town. Bilingual (English/French) and originally from New York, I have been following my sweet radar around the world for over 15 years, living in France, New York City, Boston and now Switzerland. My travels take me throughout Europe (Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic and Germany to name a few recent trips) and as far as Alaska and Madagascar. I could not be happier calling Zürich home, being in the very heart of all these destinations, even just a train ride away from so many other countries, cultures and cuisines (not to mention it being a fascinating place for a linguistics major like myself).

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