Quad Safari Peninsula

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Über den Anbieter

We are a young and dynamic company founded in 2016. After several years of working in tourism, we wanted to do something different from what we used to see on a daily basis. We wanted to create something personal, something that takes place in small groups and is nothing like those big organised excursions. We wanted to give people the feeling to be taken by the hand by a local and shown the most interesting places of the area, meeting their friends and trying their products. We wanted our guests to be explorers rather than tourists. This was the moment where Quad Safari Peninsula came to life. With Quads we are able to take you to places that are not accessible in any other way. It is our aim to offer you experiences that are far away from tourism and we work hard to bring you close to the local people, products, customs and history, hoping to create lasting memories. We will take you to see unspoilt nature and breathtaking views. To us it is important to create trips that are accessible to all the family, because the best time is spent in the company of our loved ones. This is also why our trips are organised on a half a day basis, making it a great trip even for our youngest ones.

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