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Von Belgrad oder Novi Sad aus: Private Weintour in Fruska Gora

Von Belgrad oder Novi Sad aus: Private Weintour in Fruska Gora

Experience the essence of Serbia's oldest wine region and discover Fruška Gora's wine culture. On this private tour each stop unveils a different story in the region's winemaking craft. Start at Imperator & Selexia Winery and try their unusual biodynamic approach. Enjoy true local hospitality and a gourmet wine-paired lunch at a family-owned cellar. Venture into the ambition of Deurić Winery and conclude your private tour at the unconventional hippie winery - Komuna. Here is what you'll experience on the tour: Your first stop, after one hour drive from Belgrade or Novi Sad, will be Imperator & Salaxia Winery. Hear interesting story of the only certified biodynamic winery in Serbia and how they mastered the craft of biodynamic wines. Taste their distinctive wines and enjoy a fine wine conversation with your host. Prepare your senses for a true local experience in Miljević wine cellar. Meet Dragan and find out how a chemical engineer ended up making wines. Besides being a winemaker, Dragan is also an excellent cook, and he and his family will provide a true gastronomy experience for you. Have a lunch in his amazing yard, surrounded with lush nature of Fruška Gora. Tasty home-cooked meal paired with great wines, what more can you ask for? After lunch, dive into the posh Deurić Winery—an ambitious wine-hub with modern cellars, technology, and exquisite wines. Take a tour trough the cellar and find out what is actually Deurić's main product and how they entered into the wine business. Choose from three or six labels, each crafted from grape varieties native to Fruška Gora's wine region. Your wine journey concludes at Komuna Winery—a young and uniquely different. Enjoy tastings surrounded by the distinctive "hippie" ambiance and find out in-person why this winery is named like this - "Komuna" (Commune). After Komuna, you get back to Belgrade or Novi Sad, to your drop-off location.

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