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My Local Guide Istanbul, with five years experience in leading tours for english-speaking International travellers, offers tours designed and delivered by local people with a passion for Turkey and travel. We specialise in tours for the independent traveller who likes to walk side by side with the locals and explore places that are not easy to discover on your own.

My Local Guide Istanbul bietet Touren und Aktivitäten für die folgenden Sehenswürdigkeiten:

Hagia-Sophia-Moschee-Museum, Sultan-Ahmed-Moschee, Großer Basar, Süleymaniye-Moschee, Gewürzbasar Istanbul, Hippodrom von Konstantinopel, Universität Istanbul, Galatabrücke, Rüstem-Pascha-Moschee, Goldenes Horn (Türkei), Ägyptischer Basar, Eyüp, Theodosianische Mauer, Seilbahn von Istanbul, Balat, Bosporus

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