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The Prague Lego Museum not only has the most exhibits in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole world. The museum is completely specialised in the history of this unique building kit, with Lego proudly honoured as "the toy of the century". The museum area of 420 m2 features over 3000 models divided into 20 separate theme exhibits. More than 1,000,000 bricks have been used to create the exhibits on display. Take a journey into the time of the pirates; travel to the era when knights fought, or to a different galaxy that is full of spaceships and the Death Star. Visit Harry Potter's magic world or experience adventure with the extraordinary Indiana Jones. The Lego Museum will please all people of different ages. Reminisce on your own or show your kids what Lego building kits looked like when you were their age. Part of the museum is also a shop where you can find usual catalogue sets, exclusive/limited editions or sets that are no longer produced. Among other things, the store also offers a wide selection of Mini-figures and the possibility of buying loose LEGO® pieces.

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