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A Guided Tour Coimbra in 2019 , finds the city in a morning / afternoon walk, you can relive its history through the most spectacular monuments. Coimbra is culture, Coimbra is fun, Coimbra is an experience. Why not take all at the same time? Discover the different faces of Coimbra with Gonçalo Lopes Walking Tours . Discover their stories, secrets and curiosities while passing a wonderful time with our guides. The Goncalo Lopes Walking Tours is not just another company tours on foot in Coimbra. We do not want you just know the city, we want you to discover while enjoying the best experience. We are a local company, 100% Coimbra, in love with Coimbra, try to convey their stories with joy and desire to make the most of its hidden part. We offer different tours according to availability, guarantee a visit fun and innovative. That's why we created the Gonçalo Lopes Walking Tours and that's why we have our Local Guides and our visits of high-quality Coimbra.

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