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Diving center Blue Planet is the southernmost PADI Five Star Instructor Development Dive Resort in Croatia. Our center is located in the luxurious Hotel Dubrovnik Palace in Dubrovnik, surrounded by impressive cliffs, blue sea and various excellent diving sites. A spacious pool for the check dive, outdoor restaurant, nice cocktail bar and a terrace with a unique sunset view– everything is at hand! Beginners can acquire basic diving skills with our special course. Check out what attracts so many enthusiasts below the sea surface and decide whether you indeed want to continue diving! We know the answer, but still... In addition, we offer advanced and specialties courses for experienced divers. The courses have been divided into three groups: •PADI Entry level courses •PADI Advanced level courses •PADI Specialties Courses We will also arrange transportation, look after children, provide materials, equipment and everything you need to let things run smoothly. Thanks to our motivated team, the center developed rapidly and soon took its place in the world of diving; as early as 2007 the center became the first PADI dive resort in Dubrovnik and in 2010 the first diving center in Dubrovnik, and one of only three diving centers in Croatia certified by European standards (EUF). Due to a large number of varying courses and a high work performance, diving center Blue Planet applied for the prestigious PADI 5 star dive resort status in 2011. The same year the first courses were held for first aid instructors and PADI assistant instructor in Dubrovnik under the guidance of eminent PADI course directors Ute and Miha Frlec. In 2012 Blue Planet moved one step further and acquired the status of a PADI 5 star IDC Resort which opened the possibility of holding higher degree instructor courses within the PADI association. From 2005 to date Blue Planet has transformed from a small diving school into an established, professionally managed diving center.The backbone of this success story is the extraordinary team of employees - people from various professions have all found refuge in Blue Planet. In our team there are two marine biologists, a top European senior karate martial artist, an academic painter, a professor of ballet and solfeggio, professors of Swedish, German and Russian, and highly reliable professionals who, apart from giving diving lessons, make hanging out in the center a very enjoyable and interesting experience by providing information from various walks of life. They are creative in their work, inspired by their love of nature and a personal attitude of living in harmony with the natural laws. All our instructors are permanent members of staff and not seasonal workers. They are dedicated to their work, so an incident involving unprepared instructors, groggy from a night out, is completely unimaginable at Blue Planet. Our instructors are always in a good mood and full of life and able to communicate in English, Italian, German, Swedish, Russian and Czech.

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